Smmall Cloud File Inbox

Receive Big Files

Say goodbye to attachment limits. Smmall Cloud gives you a private inbox where anyone can send you files of any size directly from their browser.


Share your URL

The File Inbox is a single unique url where anybody can send you files.

Visitors can attach as many as they need through an utterly simple interface and add a note and their contact information. All they need is a browser.

You can change this URL any time you want.


Get Notified

Once they submit you get an email notification where you can download the file instantly.

Their uploads will also appear in your inbox under their email address.


Manage your Inbox

You can manage your inbox files in the dashboard.

Uploads are grouped by their email and you can download them in bulk and remove them when you’re done.

With your File Inbox, instead of fussing with attachment limits, security issues, or configuring Dropbox folders, you can just send customers a link. We'll take it from there.


Free 2 week trial. No hidden charges. No enterprise tier. No sales team. Cancel any time. All features included in all plans.

$8/mo for individuals or $100/mo for teams.

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